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I feel like everyone is freaking out and honestly it wouldve been better if she had said that you dont have to have a penis to be a man, but it didnt need to be brought up at all. Shes a cis woman who is very happy with what she was born with and more power to her for that, but you as a person not knowing how it feels to be born in the wrong body and the agony of that every day doesnt get the right to tell US how we should feel. Not to mention the influence that the video carries by letting others think its okay to come ask us about our “vaginas” because three people think its okay. I mean she whispered vagina like it was a dirty secret to begin with which shows that she knew it was an awkward thing to ask, and the topic of our sexual organs is a harassment that most of us have to deal with on a pretty regular basis. .

The fact of the matter is that especially with someone like me who cant even have sex because of my bottom dysphoria, and who has to sleep in a packer just to feel somewhat human; accepting it isnt the issue.

We all know we have it I mean its not like its something we can just forget, but we arent proud that we were born in the wrong body. We arent proud that we dont have the right parts, and that some of us have to deal with never feeling complete. 

Let me put it this way..

If you were born with a  birthmark on your face and it made you feel hideous, but there were other people who had birthmarks as well. Now some of them love their birthmarks, and some have decided to not let the existence of their birthmark affect them. THAT DOESNT MEAN THAT YOU HAVE TO LIKE YOUR BIRTHMARK! Shit! That doesnt give them the right to make you feel like a lesser person because you dont like yours or how it makes you feel!



You have every right to not want to love or accept a part of your body that you feel has betrayed you. You can also love it, accept it, be proud of it. No matter what side of the fence you stand on with this, NO-ONE has the right to belittle someone elses pain or struggles, and I feel the most painful part of it was having people from our own community backing this.. this thing that has caused so many of us sooo much pain.

Now I dont feel that this was any of their intent upon making these videos, but when you realize that you offend someone you should learn to be more sensitive on the issue, and grow from that. NOT FUCKING PUSH YOUR POINT FURTHER AND FURTHER! ‘Cause it doesnt matter how many popular trans guys you got to say they were okay with theirs THIS IS A HUGE COMMUNITY THAT EXIST OUTSIDE OF PRETTY BOYS WITH YOUTUBE CHANNELS. 

We are not misogynist for feeling betrayed by our bodies, and it makes you no better or no worse just because you can accept yours. 

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